CVSP Warden (A) Charles W. Callahan stresses the importance of education and rehabilitative programs.

By Lt. Moises M. Soria, AA/PIO
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

On June 7, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison held a commencement ceremony for the inmate students of the Chuckawalla Valley Adult School. Graduates’ families, staff and instructors attended the ceremony to show support. Palo Verde College and representatives from universities were also in attendance.

Warden (A) Charles W. Callahan addressed the 76 graduates with congratulations, and stressed the importance of education and participating in various rehabilitative programs prior to their release.

  • 35 of the graduates earned a total of 17 AA and AS degrees plus 39 certificates from Palo Verde College.
  • Six graduates earned nine AA degrees and one certificate from Coastline Community College.
  • One graduate earned a BS degree from Ohio State University.
  • Two graduates earned Bachelor degrees in ministry from Harvest Bible University.
  • Two graduates earned Associate of Bible mission degrees from Onesimus Bible College.
  • Seven graduates earned certificates of bible missions from Onesimus Bible College.
  • 22 graduates received a GED and one received a high school diploma.

CVSP inmates wore caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony.

Associate Warden (A) Delon Barnett emceed the Graduation event.