By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/PIO
Sierra Conservation Center

From left are Shelby Velasquez, now Associate Warden (A) Raymond Berry and Denay Neeley.

On a warm summer day, three CDCR employees making their way to work stopped to help an injured motorist.

While driving to work at Sierra Conservation Center (SCC), Office Technician Shelby Velasquez noticed a driver weaving from side to side on the road. The other car ended up flipping over and down an embankment.

Velasquez immediately stopped her vehicle, got out and started directing traffic to help prevent any more collisions.

Another employee, Licensed Vocational Nurse Denay Neeley realized no one had responded to the victim so she made her way down the embankment. She provided basic medical care to the injured driver.

Capt. Raymond Berry rolled up on the scene and assisted LVN Neeley, who kept the driver calm, alert and focused until emergency medical services arrived.

The driver was subsequently stabilized, removed from the area, and transported to SCC where an air ambulance landed and transported her to a hospital in Modesto.

All the employees who assisted with the accident were off-duty at the time. Since the incident, Capt. Berry has been serving as acting associate warden.