CNE Nyreith Adeyemi

By Lt. Rosie Thomas, AA/PIO
California Institution for Women

A California Institution for Women employee was off-duty when she saw a large SUV blow through a red light, ramming into a smaller SUV. As a medical professional, her training took over and she jumped into action.

On Aug. 9, Chief Nurse Executive (CNE) Nyreith Adeyemi witnessed the major vehicle accident of a SUV crashing into another, sending the second vehicle, a Toyota RAV4, flipping several times before it struck a pole and came to a stop.

Without hesitation, CNE Adeyemi stopped her vehicle and responded to the crash victims’ vehicle.  The Rav4 was bent, upside down and the front had collapsed.  CNE Adeyemi said all passengers were wearing seat belts and the air bags had deployed.

She tried opening the vehicle’s doors, but they were stuck from the damage sustained in the crash.

Several minutes later, another passing motorist responded and together they opened the door and started removing passengers.  The other helper handed CNE Adeyemi a small child. She comforted the child as she called for a 911 response.

Additional passing motorists stopped to help and a total of five passengers were removed from the vehicle.  As passengers were removed, she provided first aid.

CNE Adeyemi stayed with the victims until the local police arrived and gave her report.

CEO James Elliott commended CNE Adeyemi on her quick actions.

“When the accident happened, she had her 12-year-old daughter with her returning from the store; and she still jumped into action. Nyreith is a tried-and-true helping professional who has the ability to balance genuine patient advocacy and doing the right think with being a gifted Nurse Exec who holds herself and staff to a high bar. We’re lucky to have her on our team,” he said.

Warden Molly Hill had high praise for the CNE.

“I am proud of Nyreith as she is a proud representation of CIW and the Department as a whole. Nyreith observed a situation and acted without hesitation. Nyreith is a leader and it is great to see her commitment extend out into the community,” she said.