California Correctional Institution (CCI) officials are investigating an attempted homicide of a correctional officer.

 At 7 a.m. Aug. 8, inmate Agustin Garcia, 41, threw a cup of hot water on the face of an officer then began to repeatedly stab the officer with an inmate-manufactured weapon. Responding staff utilized less-lethal 40mm rounds and batons to quell the attack. Two other inmates also assisted responding staff in stopping the attack. 

 The officer sustained multiple puncture wounds to the shoulder and neck areas and to the back of his head. Inmate Garcia sustained a fractured skull and broken eye orbital. The officer and Garcia were taken by ambulance to outside hospitals for further treatment. The officer was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is recovering at home. 

 Garcia was received by CDCR from Kings County on June 28, 2001, to serve 52 years to life with the possibility of parole for two counts of attempted murder of a peace officer.