CCWF staff spoke to L.A. County Jail inmates about programs available when they transition to state prison.

By Lt. Michael Dunn, AA/PIO
Central California Women’s Facility

Recently staff from Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) traveled to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood to speak to the women about what to expect if and when they are transferred to prison.

CCWF staff  introduced programs inmates can use while in prison. Topics ranged from mother-infant programs to early release options. Many said it would help motivate them to stay active in good behaviors so that they can be eligible for certain programs in the future.

The presenters provided resources and gave hope to the ladies who may be afraid, stressed out, and/or anxious about going to prison.

T. Ekezian, CCWF Licensed Clinical Social Worker, said, “It was great opportunity to present the women with options upon their arrival to prison and encourage them to take advantage of the programs CCWF has to offer.”

Other CCWF staff attending included R. Molinary, Correctional Counselor I; K. Vertti, Supervising Psychiatric Social Worker; and P. Dixson Stamps, Correctional Counselor III, mother infant program.

CCWF staff recently visited the L.A. County Jail.