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Chuckawalla Warden Charles W. Callahan, left; Katherine Minnich, CDCR Deputy Director of Human Resources; and Bill Bailey, consultant, were on hand for the opening of the Fitness Center, a pilot project.

As part of the Office of Employee Health and Wellness’ (EHW) current employee health and wellness initiatives, Human Resources Deputy Director Katherine Minnich and Special Consultant Bill Bailey hosted a renovation of the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison Employee Fitness Center.

The new equipment was revealed to employees by Warden Charles Callahan at a Grand Opening on Aug. 23, encouraging fitness and a healthy lifestyles for all staff.

The successful outcome of this pilot program may lead to additional staff fitness centers in other locations.

For more information about EHW, go to http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Wellness/index.html.