CHCF saw 17 inmates earn 24 certificates in DRP’s first graduating class at the institution.

By Lt. Barry C. Tisdale, AA/PIO
California Health Care Facility

California Health Care Facility issued 24 certificates to 17 inmates during their first Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) graduation ceremony.

On July 21, the first graduating class at CHCF received certificates in Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Criminal Thinking, Anger Management, and Family Relationships. CHCF partnered with Healthright 360 on this endeavor, ultimately creating the program from the ground up. The program helps offenders leave prison with better job skills, education, life skills and confidence.

Program Director Pamela Wyre opened up the ceremony with a description of the challenges of starting and developing this program. She expressed the collaborative efforts involved that ensured the success of the program.

Warden Michael Martel expressed words of inspiration, optimism, and left on a positive note acknowledging this was the first step toward a better future for the participants, creating a better tomorrow.

Inmate Wendell, one of four inmates who prepared graduate speeches, talked of the struggle he had opening up at the beginning of the program; however, by the end of the program he felt it was the best therapy to penetrate the anger he has held within him since childhood.

It was obvious by the graduate’s comments that the counselors over the program had made an impact on them with their passion and commitment not only to the program but to each individual inmate’s success.

Several inmates, staff and guests were in attendance.

Special guests included Warden Martel; John Porras, Associate Warden, Facility E; Michele Cole, Principal; and Program Director Wyre.