In this grainy cellphone photo, the CVSP/ISP Fire crew can be seen extracting the crash victim.

By Lt. Kelli Madsen, AA/PIO
Ironwood State Prison

Chuckwalla Valley State Prison/Ironwood State Prison’s (CVSP/ISP) fire department recently assisted other agencies when a vehicle rolled over, trapping the driver inside.

“(We) responded to multiple reports of a traffic collision,” writes CVSP/ISP Fire Capt. Kenneth Lynch. “(We were also) dispatched simultaneously by Perris Emergency Command Center via 911 dispatch for a traffic collision involving cut-and-rescue of a trapped occupant, with Riverside County Fire and AMR ambulance.”

According to Fire Capt. Lynch, multiple agencies responded.

“Upon our arrival CVSP/ISP Fire established a unified command with Riverside County Fire, Blythe CHP and Blythe AMR. The crew of CVSP/ISP Fire Department extracted/disentangled victim and provided universal patient treatment care,” he writes.

Once the patient was stabilized, care was transferred to the ambulance crew at the scene and the victim was taken to a local hospital.

CVSP/ISP Fire Department responded along with multiple agencies to a vehicle roll-over accident.

CVSP/ISP Fire crew members work at the accident scene.