From left are Lt. Tina Brooks, Divya Golconda, Dana Garrett, Chessnia Lawrence, Wesley Odd and Nathan Vargas.

By CDCR Employee Health and Wellness

CDCR staff took first place in an eight-week health challenge.

Employee Health and Wellness (EWH) coordinated the Healthier U Connections Challenge testing phase utilizing Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center (CTC) to represent CDCR.

Thirteen state departments participated in the testing phase.

The challenge required individuals and teams to sign up through an innovative digital health platform to create healthier habits, healthier minds and healthier bodies by tracking their physical activity, steps and other healthy habits.

The goal of the program was to provide a program for employees that offered fitness and health challenges to encourage staff to be more active, help achieve better mental and physical health, and promote healthier eating habits.

Out of 13 participating state departments in the testing phase, CDCR (CTC) came in first place for the highest participation rate (42 percent of eligible employees) and most physical activity minutes recorded (averaging 1,972 minutes per team).

EHW plans to begin expanding the program in fall 2017.