The DAPO Seaport GPS unit and RJD’s Crisis Response Team assisted regional law enforcement agencies in a sex-offender compliance sweep in San Diego County.

By Jackie Rivera, Parole Agent III
Unit Supervisor, Seaport GPS Unit
Division of Adult Parole Operations

On Aug. 17, a division-wide audit of registered sex offenders was conducted in San Diego Police Department’s Southeastern Division.  A prior list of 277 registered sex offender targets was identified for audit.

The San Diego County Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Task Force with the assistance of DAPO Seaport GPS Unit, Richard J. Donovan’s Crisis Response Team, U.S. Marshal Service, San Diego Sheriff and Probation Departments was able to find 186 registrants in compliance, 13 had absconded and 78 were unable to be contacted.

The San Diego SAFE Task Force has continued to meet its goal to reduce sex crimes in San Diego County.  SAFE pro-actively monitors and tracks registered sex offenders, ensuring their compliance with registration requirements.

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