Molly Visser the day before she was struck by a brain aneurysm in Norway.

By Lt. Angelo Gonzales, AA/PIO
Mule Creek State Prison

When there was a call for help from a state employee trapped in Norway, a Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) medical professional answered.

Molly Visser, a captain with CAL FIRE, right, was escorted home by Mary Ann Shirey, MCSP’s Director of Nursing. Visser suffered a brain aneurysm while vacationing in Norway and underwent emergency surgery.

Molly Visser, a captain with CAL FIRE, took a summer vacation to Norway but her trip took a turn for the worse when doctors discovered a brain aneurysm.

She has a strong CDCR connection through her brother, Sean, a MCSP electrician II, and her mother Karen, a retired MCSP case records analyst.

Molly underwent surgery in Norway to repair the damage. Her mother flew to Oslo to be at her side.

In July, she wanted to fly home with her mother to continue her recovery but doctors insisted she be accompanied by a nurse trained specifically to assist with her condition on the flight.

MCSP Director of Nursing Mary Ann Shirey volunteered her time and services to fly to Norway and escort Molly Visser home. She flew out July 28 and returned July 30.

Molly is recuperating back home with her family, thanks to Shirey’s selfless act.