California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) reported the passing retired Tommy Evans, Correctional Building Trades Supervisor,  on Sept. 13, 2017.

He started his CDCR career with CRC in September 1984 as a Correctional Officer. He became a Lead Groundskeeper in October 1985.

He transferred to San Quentin in April 1987 as a Supervising Groundskeeper II.  He returned to CRC in May 1987 as a Supervising Groundskeeper II.

In June 1988, he became a Utility Shops Supervisor. In October 1992,  he became Supervisor of Building Trades and remained in that position until his retirement in October  2002.

He returned to CRC as a Casual Laborer Skilled Trades Person Carpenter in October 2002 until his assignment ended in July 2003.