By Division of Adult Parole Operations, Southern Region

Parole agents Elizabeth Ledoux and Anthony Osorio were on the hunt for a parolee at large when they stumbled upon an armed attack, resulting in the arrest of one attacker and the medical transport of a stabbing victim.

On May 3, the parole agents were wearing their assigned California Parole Apprehension Team (CPAT) tactical gear which clearly identifies them with the words “police” and “parole agents.”

Initially, there was confusing regarding the incident.

Parole agents Anthony Osorio and Elizabeth Ledoux.

“Agent Osorio was driving and I was seated in the front passenger seat,” Agent Ledoux said. “We were driving southbound on E Street … when we observed one (man on top of another) and what we initially believed to be a San Bernardino Police Officer (standing nearby using his) radio. We initially believed there was a medical emergency.”

As they drove closer, they saw what appeared to be blood on one man’s shirt. When they arrived on the scene, there was more confusion regarding who was injured, which one was the assailant, as well as who was actually injured.

“The white male (victim) was on top of the black male and stated that the black male attacked him and he was placing him under citizen arrest,” Agent Ledoux reported. “I noted the black male to have blood on his facial area and believed the blood on the white male’s shirt was from the black male’s injuries.”

The nearby uniformed man was in fact a security officer for the transit station, not a police officer. The security officer had already called for an ambulance and had secured a knife from the incident.

“We gave the suspect … instructions to lie down and place his hands behind his back. The suspect did not comply and began to struggle with the victim that was on top of him,” Agent Ledoux reported. “(We) again repeated our commands louder for the suspect to place his hands behind his back. The suspect sat up on his knees and complied.”

Agent Osorio placed the suspect in handcuffs.

The victim, who had pinned down his assailant, had blood dripping down his left arm. He said he was stabbed 10 times.

“Agent Osorio began to assess the victim and I sat with the suspect until San Bernardino Police Department and (the) ambulance arrived,” Agent Ledoux reported.