CCWF partnered with a nonprofit group to train service dogs.

By Lt. Michael Dunn, AA/PIO
Central California Women’s Facility

Offenders at CCWF said they were thrilled to be part of the program.

Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) recently welcomed Little Angels Service Dogs (LASD) of San Diego in a partnership to train service dogs for disabled citizens.

Little Angels Service Dogs is a nonprofit organization of trainers and volunteers who work to provide highly trained dogs to assist disabled children and adults throughout the United States.

The dogs are trained to assist in a variety of ways to help with daily tasks and to increase independence. The training program consists of a 12- to 18-month period where 15 inmate/trainers will prepare the selected dogs for placement with disabled recipients.

CCWF will start with six 5-month-old puppies in the program.

Warden (A) Janel Espinoza said, “The service dog program provides a positive connection and a sense of purpose for the women’s community.”

The dogs arrive at CCWF.