From left are Linda Walker, Accountant Trainee; Lin Ho, Sr. Accounting Officer; William Schuermann, Accountant Trainee; Sandra Eaton, Accounting Administrator II; Albert Codner, Accountant Trainee; Donna Kramm, Accounting Administrator I; Nicholas Mitchell, Accountant Trainee; Nenita Valdez, Accounting Officer; Raymond Lambert, Accounting Officer; Erica Robinson, Accounting Officer; Diana Le, Sr. Accounting Officer; James Zhang, Accountant Trainee; Minh Nguyen, Accounting Administrator I; Trishelle Woodfork, Accounting Administrator I; Jun Liang, Sr. Accounting Officer; Hao Zhang, Accounting Officer; Worku Guta, Accounting Officer; William Chan, Sr. Accounting Officer; and Lisette Parker, Accounting Officer.

By Christopher J. Coughlin, AGPA
Accounting Services Branch-Sacramento

Oct. 4 began as any typical work day at the CDCR Accounting Services Branch Sacramento, but in a matter of hours staff would take a step back into the Wild West, a time when “crunching the numbers” may have looked more like counting cattle. No, this was not a casting call for the remake of the Billy Crystal classic, “City Slickers.”  Staff would soon be saddling up for a western themed Staff Appreciation Day.

Accountant Trainee Victor Zeiter took home the best costume honors.

Accounting Administrators came together, organizing the event in order to honor their hard-working staff. Jaime Corvera, Associate Director of the Accounting Services Branch, along with Fiscal Services Deputy Director Jason Lopez, Division of Administrative Services Director Alene Shimazu and Undersecretary Kenneth Pogue addressed staff, not only acknowledging yet another successful year of business operations, but also expressing the importance of employees’ families and nurturing relationships in light of the Las Vegas shooting.

By high noon, an assembly line of Accounting Administrators was serving up an array of chow all while presenting a unique opportunity for staff and management to open new lines of communication. The hoedown continued as employees were encouraged to participate in the various western themed carnival games, creatively crafted by employees from each unit.

Accounts Payable C’s handcrafted, old-time jailhouse provided the perfect backdrop for photos. Accounting Administrators would later use photos taken throughout the event in order to vote on best western dressed. Account Payable D’s own Victor Zeiter was the believable bartender at the So ”D” Pop Saloon and one of two winners who were able to wrangle up a Starbucks gift card for his efforts.

As the sun set on the Wild West and the day’s event came to a close, employees of Accounting Services Sacramento headed back to their desks to do what they do best!

“(These events are) an opportunity to establish stronger working relationships, build connections and of course, relax, have a good time and enjoy a good meal,” said Associate Director Corvera.