An inmate firefighter from Centinela State Prison assesses the fire at Walter’s Camp.

By Lt. Michael Ramirez, AA/PIO
Centinela State Prison

A call for help was answered by Centinela State Prison’s Fire Department. Responding to a mutual aid request from the local county fire department, the fire crew was sent to extinguish a brush fire threatening multiple homes in the Walter’s Camp area.

The fire was raging in a popular recreational area located on the lower Colorado River. There are also multiple private homes in the Walter’s Camp area. A lightning strike was the suspected cause of the fire.

“The fire crew arrived on scene, responsible for protecting multiple homes from exposure to fire,” said Fire Chief Anthony Adams. “They were primarily assigned to structure protection for three or four houses that had brush nearby.”

He said the fire crew’s on-scene duties were important.

“The crew reinforced the bulldozer line, clearing away the brush near the houses. They sprayed the (houses) with water to keep the temperature down and prevent them from setting on fire. It was a wind-fed fire and fire exposure was imminent,” he said.

The fire crew’s efforts were successful and the structures were protected.

“After the fire burned through, (the fire crew) went back for mop up and extinguished any lingering fires,” said Chief Adams.

The Centinela Fire Department responds to numerous mutual aid calls throughout the year. On this particular call, the fire crew worked a 12-hour day.