Criminal Behavior Treatment Facilitator Stephanie Lopez and DVI reception center offenders.

By Lt. Christene Zoucha, AA/PIO
Deuel Vocational Institution

Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) saw the first reception center inmates graduate from a Criminal Thinking class. DVI is the first institution to offer rehabilitation programs to offenders in the reception center.

The Division of Rehabilitative Programs is expanding Criminal Thinking classes in other reception centers and DVI was the pilot program. The goal of the class is to develop effective coping skills for participants that they can utilize during their incarceration as well as upon their release into the community.

Criminal Behavior Treatment Facilitator Stephanie Lopez has been a contractor for CDCR at DVI for a little more than six months and began teaching the  class to reception center offenders on June 1, 2017.

Offenders in the class participated in intensive cognitive behavioral treatment for 24 sessions to address thought processes that lead to destructive behaviors and develop new healthier ways of relating to others.

Utilizing a therapeutic community approach and evidence-based curricula and interventions, the program teaches and supports participants in generating alternative solutions and adopting pro-social, law-abiding lifestyles.

Participants established a set of personal goals at the onset of treatment and worked toward achieving those goals through adherence to an action plan, attendance to group services, and individual counseling.