Kern Valley State Prison staff spearheaded the motorcycle ride to bring awareness to suicide.

By Lt. Michael Betzinger, AA/PIO
Kern Valley State Prison

Approximately 60 motorcycle enthusiasts from at least five different CDCR institutions thundered through California’s Central Coast Wine Country on Sept. 16 to help shed light on suicide.

The decision to take action and make a stand against suicide prompted the inaugural Ride for Life Suicide Awareness Poker Run. Riders from multiple institutions came together, united for a common goal, and organized the event, which was a major undertaking.

Kern Valley State Prison staff created “Team Life” and spearheaded making the event happen.

Originally anticipated to be 15-20 motorcycles, interest in the event grew with the total bike count ballooning to 60.

Team Life members expressed gratitude to all of the institutions represented. Without the support of staff from California City Correctional Facility, California Correctional Institution, Wasco State Prison, Kern Valley State Prison and California Men’s Colony, the level of awareness raised for this event would not have been possible.

Team Life escorted 60 motorcycles through a poker run on Sept. 16.