Sgt. J. Winslow and Officer J. Lahman tried to save the life of a critically injured car crash victim.

By Lt. Christene Zoucha, AA/PIO
Deuel Vocational Institution

While patrolling the perimeter of Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI), a correctional sergeant saw a vehicle go off the road into a nearby field, roll several times and eject the driver.

Sgt. Winslow was the first on the scene of the Sept. 24 accident. He radioed for DVI Inside Patrol Officer J. Lahman to report to the accident site.

The sergeant grabbed the trauma kit from the OP truck, jumped over the property line fence and ran to the accident scene. After assessing the situation, he told a bystander to call 911 and to make sure they knew where the accident was located. He then asked another bystander to hold direct pressure on a severe laceration to victim’s head and neck area, and to not move the victim’s head. He instructed them to keep his head and neck supported as much as possible.

Correctional Officer Lahman, who was an EMT prior to joining CDCR, arrived on scene and found the the victim had no pulse. The officer immediately began CPR. Meanwhile, Sgt. Winslow attempted to keep the victim’s airway clear, and suction out fluid.

Medical and fire arrived and transferred the victim onto a stokes litter (back board) and carried the victim out of the field and onto the EMT gurney.  Officer Lahman continued CPR until the victim was loaded into the ambulance.

At the time the victim was loaded into the ambulance, he had a pulse, but later succumbed to his injuries.

“I cannot say enough how impressed and proud I am of Officer Lahman,” said Sgt. Winslow. “He was extremely calm and collected and did the absolute best he could to give the victim a fighting chance.”