Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) recently partnered up with Victory Homes International (Victory Outreach Fresno) to continue to support rehabilitation efforts in their community.

A. Durrenberger, Warehouse Manager II, assists in loading the donated bunks.

PVSP donated ten bunks and 20 lockers to Victory Homes International to help Victory Homes Directors, Art and Angela Luna, open a new recovery home. Art and Angela said “the Recovery home will soon be established with an anticipated date of early December 2017 and a grand opening date of January 2018.”

Victory Homes is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of substance abuser and other troubled individuals.  Victory Homes has over 500 live-in recovery homes in the U.S. and around the world.

There are as many as 10,000 men and women in the program at one time. Through donations like the one PVSP made, Victor Homes is able to provide lodging, food and clothing at no charge to the residents.

Residents are asked to commit a minimum of 12 months to the program.

Art Luna said Victory Homes believes that within this time, the residents’ lives can be readjusted by the programs’ beliefs in “faith to overcome the heavy bondage of drug and alcohol abuse.”

Victory Homes believes the impact of having a place to sleep is immense, he said.

Luna said: “It would mean everything to a resident to have a safe, Godly environment to sleep without the stress of having to find financial means to make ends meet and at the same time they’re given a second chance to change.

“I have personally witnessed, in myself as well as others, lives transformed and families restored, heavy drug addiction broken and (lives) set free from alcohol,” he said.

“Lives have changed 360 degrees; from running the streets committing violent crimes to starting a life of becoming a productive member of society. We specialize in reaching hurting people of the world, and we dedicated our lives to see their lives changed,” he said.