Facility B inmate facilitators organized a walk and run to support Emma, a teenage girl battling leukemia.

By Lt. Greg Crowe, AA/PIO
High Desert State Prison

When a 15-year-old California girl named Emma was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease in 2015, it’s unlikely she suspected she would get help from those incarcerated in High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

Facility B organized a walk to support a girl battling a life-threatening disease.

Over the summer, 430 inmates took part in Emma’s Walk/Run at the prison. The July 21 event was dedicated to the girl battling chronic myeloid leukemia.

The inmate population requested the event to show their support for Emma and to represent the population’s stand against cancer.

Approved by Warden M. Eliot Spearman, and facilitated by inmates and staff on Facility B, the event was a success.  The event was also recognized and sponsored by the outside businesses and people including The Vagabond Coffee Shop, Cynthia’s Flower Connection, Margaret McVee, Vicki Hannigan and Cynthia Derma.

“In the past 18 months, I have seen the culture amongst the offenders on Facility B change, which enabled them to unite for this good cause,” said Warden Spearman. “This is what rehabilitation and restorative justice are all about.”

From left are Lt. Greg Crowe, , CRM Jolene Speers, Emma and Warden M. E. Spearman.