Pawsitive Change saw the first class of 18 graduate from its rehabilitative program.

By Lt. Jose Martinez, AA/PIO
North Kern State Prison

Dogs are helping offenders better themselves through rehabilitation – for the canine as well as the inmate. The first graduation for North Kern State Prison’s (NKSP) Pawsitive Change Program was held Nov. 10.

The 18 program participants received a certificate for Canine Behavior and TrainingFor a little over three months, inmates focused on dog psychology and rehabilitation. The program was not only about training canines but also how the teaching pertains to one’s self and how it applies in every aspect of life.

Throughout the 14-week program, the participants learned how to communicate and put differences aside to work together toward achieving a goal.

They cultured compassion for the canines as well as an understanding for each other. As one participant phrased it, “I have a new friend that I hate to see leave, but I also made new friends in people I never would have talked to.”

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Pawsitive Change is a program through Marley’s Mutts. Learn more about the program.