Correctional Officer Vianey Ford is thanked by FSP Warden Ron Rackley.

By Lt. Jack Huey, AA/PIO
Folsom State Prison

Correctional Officer Vianey Ford helped capture a minimum security inmate who walked away from Folsom State Prison’s minimum support facility.

An inmate who walked away from the Folsom Minimum Support Facility at Folsom State Prison (FSP) was apprehended thanks to the sharp eye and quick thinking of an off-duty correctional officer.

Officer Vianey Ford was driving through Rancho Cordova on Oct. 31 at 7:10 p.m. when she spotted someone she recognized as an inmate who walked away from Folsom State Prison five days earlier.

“She approached and engaged the subject in conversation from her vehicle. As Officer Ford had previously worked at the FMSF as a dorm officer, she was able to verify his identity as the escapee,” according to a report of the incident.

She immediately called 911 and relayed to the dispatcher that she had located the escaped inmate. Officer Ford kept a visual on the escapee and observed him at a bus stop sitting on a bench.

A single patrol vehicle from Rancho Cordova Police Department (RCPD) arrived and an Officer got out and attempted to take the escapee in custody. The escapee resisted, attempting to pull away from the officer. The off-duty correctional officer stepped out of her personal vehicle and helped the city police officer take the escapee into custody.

Additional city police units arrived and placed the escapee into a patrol car for transport.

“This action by Officer Ford of assisting in the return of the escaped inmate to CDCR custody, prevented potential harm to the community. Her actions of assisting in the apprehending the escapee reflect great credit upon herself, the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation and the State of California,” said FSP Warden Ron Rackley.