CCC Arts-in-Corrections inmates perform holiday concerts.

By Lt. Charlene Billings, AA/PIO
California Correctional Center

California Correctional Center inmates in the Arts-in-Corrections program performed in two Christmas concerts for all to enjoy. The Inmates worked diligently throughout 36 two-hour long workshops to prepare for the concert.

They were instructed by Liudmila Mullin from Saint Petersburg State University and the Saint Petersburg University of Art and Culture. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Inmates as Ms. Mullin is a professional opera singer, college professor, and vocal music instructor. Ms. Mullin taught the Inmates how to organize group singing, group singing techniques, and introduced them to reading music. Upon the end of the thirty-six workshops, the Inmates were excited to perform in two separate Christmas Choir concerts for their peers to enjoy. The audience enjoyed coffee and cake along with the music.

On Dec. 19, six of CCC’s Inmates housed on Facility C performed in the Arts in Corrections inmate choir with seven local musicians. The concert was held in the Facility C chapel and approximately fifty Inmates attended.

On Dec. 21, just four days before Christmas, eight inmates housed on CCC’s Facility A and B performed in a Christmas concert in the main chapel where approximately 185 inmates sat in the audience.

“It was truly wonderful to have so many volunteers to not only teach the inmates the art of music, but also dedicate their time during this Christmas season to spread the holiday spirit to all,” organizers said.