Martha Garcia, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Services, Imperial Valley College, addresses the students and attendees.

By Centinela State Prison educational programs staff

Inmate Floyd Wilbur was honored for program achievements.

On Dec. 11, Centinela State Prison (CEN) in conjunction with Imperial Valley College held a Prison Education Program Recognition Ceremony. There were 51 students recognized for their educational achievement in Philosophy and Sociology classes offered at the prison through Imperial Valley College in a face-to-face format.

Jeremy Nichols, the Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs, said, “It was exciting to see the inmates celebrate their academic achievements and show the pride and excitement that education can bring into their lives”.

The face-to-face college program has been in existence for one-and-a-half years.

The program has a 90 percent completion rate compared to the local campus rate of 68 percent. The program is the first of its kind offered to inmates at Centinela.

The quality of the education in the face-to-face program is superior to correspondent courses and allows for more meaningful interactions and relationships between the instructor and students. Students can earn an Associate’s Degree in Psychology that is transferable to UC and CSU colleges.

Some of those involved include Dr. Martha Garcia, Imperial Valley College; Warden Raymond Madden, CEN; Superintendent Dr. Victor Jaime , Imperial Valley College; Dr. Lennor Johnson, Imperial Valley College; and Jeremy B. Nichols, Supervisor Of Correctional Education Programs, CEN.

Warden Raymond Madden addresses students and attendees.