By Lt. Kelli Madsen, AA/PIO
Ironwood State Prison

Ironwood State Prison (ISP) Warden Neil McDowell and several ISP executive staff celebrated an early Christmas with residents of the Blythe Nursing Care Center and students at Felix J. Appleby Elementary School on Dec. 16.

Each year, ISP Community Resources Manager Carey Ochs sets up a Christmas tree, decorated with ornaments containing the names of every resident/student and their wish list. Generous ISP employees participate by choosing an ornament and purchasing the requested items. This year there were 45 residents at Blythe Nursing Care Center and 35 students from Felix J. Appleby Elementary School.

“It is very humbling and rewarding at the same time to be able to participate in such worthwhile events. I am very proud of the staff here at Ironwood whose generosity helped to make Christmas a little merrier for our local community,” said Warden McDowell.