From left are Chris Rodriguez, Parole Agent I; William Miles, Parole Agent I; Harvey Casillas, Senior Special Agent; Erick Halverson, Special Agent; James Bottge, Special Agent; and William Terrell, Parole Agent I

One of CDCR’s fugitive apprehension teams demonstrated another kind of teamwork for the community.

Members of the Northern California Fugitive Apprehension Team, Sacramento, recently trooped to one of the donation sites for the 2018 KCRA 3 Blood Drive for Life with BloodSource.

The team members, whose jobs are all about public safety, found satisfaction in giving blood and hoped their example would inspire others to donate.

  • Harvey Casillas, Senior Special Agent: “I’ve donated before and it’s very rewarding knowing you are helping people in need.  Getting the team to donate was extra special because I got to see how good it made them feel as well.”
  • Chris Rodriguez, Parole Agent I: “Knowing that donation could possibly save a life is priceless.”
  • William Miles, Parole Agent I: “Giving blood is a selfless act in a world of selfishness.”
  • Erick Halverson, Special Agent: “After speaking to other donors and hearing about statistics of people in need of blood, it was worth the small amount of time it took to do this.”
  • James Bottge, Special Agent: “Giving blood is something I like to do, but never make time to do. Being there as a team, made it extra special.”
  • William Terrell, Parole Agent I: “It felt good to help others who are need of blood. I was inspired by others listening to their stories of giving for years.”

The team covers a huge area – as far north as the Oregon border, south to the Stanislaus Border and Nevada.

The Fugitive Apprehension Team (FAT) investigates, locates and arrests those parolees who have absconded parole supervision and are suspected of committing a violent or serious crime, are a designated High Risk Sex Offender, have been deemed a High Notoriety/Public Interest Case by the Division of Adult Parole Operations, or who have a new felony warrant.

The FAT also has primary responsibility for escapees from the Department of Juvenile Justice. The FAT assists on apprehending CDCR escapees.

In addition to its enforcement role the FAT are Department trainers relative to tactical and investigative fugitive apprehension operations.