Parole Agent II Joey Moreno, Parole Agent I Mireya Audet, Assemblymember Jim Cooper, Handing Out HOPE founder Steve Abrams, DAPO Assistant Regional Administrator Angela Kent, Parole Administrator Marvin Speed, Parole Agent I Tina Rivero, Parole Agent I Onyanga Dean and Todd Koolakian of the Sacramento Children’s Home are all smiles on the Capitol steps in 2017.

Story by Ike Dodson, CDCR PIO
Office of Public and Employee Communications

Slavery still exists.

The International Labour Organization estimates that over 40 million human trafficking victims suffer each day. This includes 25 million people in forced labor and 15 million people (mostly women) in a forced marriage. One in four human trafficking victims is a child.

The epidemic sorrows law enforcement personnel worldwide, and California parole agents are doing something about it.

CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) has rallied behind its running team to impact the lives of human trafficking survivors.

Until Feb. 15, DAPO running team #182 — participants of the acclaimed Baker 2 Vegas Challenge Cup Race — will accept a bevy of donations to assist these survivors.

Donations can be made at parole offices across the state. Parole staff is accepting gift cards (Visa, Target, Walmart), new women’s underwear, hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body soap — one of each, travel size, in a sealed plastic bag), new women’s sweatpants/pajama bottoms and lip gloss.

The items will be given to survivors of human trafficking, thanks to a collaborative effort between DAPO and the California-based nonprofit organization Slavery No More, which works to combat and abolish modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

For information on donations sites in the Southern Region contact Parole Agent I Mireya Audet of the  San Gabriel  Valley Parole Unit at

“We are fortunate that organizations like Slavery No More exist and that we can combine our efforts to better serve the victims in our community,” Audet said. “We are stronger in unity.”

Northern Region donation sites can be found by emailing Parole Agent II (Supervisor) Onyanga Dean of the San Francisco Parole Unit at

“Having worked in sex offender units and actually speaking to and meeting victims of human trafficking, I look forward to doing our part to bring awareness and resources to this troubling trend,” Dean said.