Santa Claus (CCII D.J. Cunning) delivers gifts to children in the community.

By Lt. Kevin Huffman, AA/PIO
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility’s (SATF) annual Project Santa has become a tradition. The gift-giving event focuses on providing Christmas gifts to children and teens in our community. In 2017 alone, Project Santa donated 233 Christmas gifts and refurbished bicycles.

Each season, Christmas trees of hope are placed throughout the institution with a tag noting the age and gender of a child. The children receiving the gifts are selected by local schools and groups. Each year, with their generous desire to give, staff selects a tag or several tags from the Christmas tree, and returns with their wrapped gifts. The gifts are then passed out by staff to the various organizations.

“It’s a great opportunity to provide Christmas gifts and bicycles to our local community,” said Warden S. Sherman said. “It shows a great amount of support from our SATF staff that continues to give to our local communities unselfishly. It brings joy to the hearts of everyone involved, in the spirit of Christmas, to those less fortunate. This could not have been accomplished without the generosity of SATF staff.”

Santa Claus (CCII D.J. Cunning) delivered gifts to Alpaugh School District students.