Above The Call Vsp

VSP Health Program Manager III John Ebury, left, and Senior Psychologist Ricki Dooley assisted victims in a two-car accident.

By Lt. Ronald Ladd, AA/PIO
Valley State Prison

When a Valley State Prison (VSP) employee was on his way to work Jan. 8, he came across the scene of a two-car accident on a busy highway. Soon a second employee arrived and also helped one of the accident victims.

At about 7:15 a.m., Health Program Manager III John Ebury was traveling northbound on Highway 99 when he spotted the accident at Avenue 9. Emergency vehicles had yet to arrive.

One vehicle was facing the wrong direction and pinned against the center divider. The second vehicle was obstructing the flow of traffic, blocking lanes of Highway 99. The second vehicle’s airbags were deployed, and the front end had substantial damage from the collision.

Ebury’s training immediately kicked in. He quickly assessed the situation and made contact with both drivers to determine if there were any severe injuries. The driver of the second vehicle had a bloody nose. Ebury called 9-1-1 and allowed the injured person to sit in the vehicle to ensure she, as well as the other driver, were in a safe location.

Ebury then helped another bystander push the disabled vehicle to the right shoulder, clearing the lanes on the highway. The injured driver displayed signs of confusion as she wandered back to her disabled vehicle.

Soon another VSP Senior Psychologist Ricki Dooley also stopped to offer aid as no first responders were on scene. Dooley rendered aid to an injured driver sitting in her vehicle who was visibly shaken and bleeding from her nose.

Dooley assessed her injuries and used her training as a psychologist to provide reassurance to the driver that medical aid was on the way, convincing the driver to remain seated in her vehicle.  Upon the arrival of CHP, each staff was thanked for their assistance and released from the scene.