Cmf All Stars 2

The CMF All Stars and their opponents played a friendly softball tournament .

By Lt Megan Cherinka, AA/PIO
California Medical Facility

The Father’s House (TFH) community church recently laced up their cleats and took to the field against the California Medical Facility (CMF) All-Stars for a friendly double header softball game on CMF’s main yard.

The plate was dusted, base lines chalked and the first pitch was on its way from TFH pitcher T. Kruze. Unfortunately, TFH was no match for the CMF All-Stars as they won easily 19-4. The rubber game of the double header was a bit closer in score and competition. With the bases loaded, two outs and the tying runner at first base, a routine can of corn (fly ball) ended the game with hoots and hollers.

“When I came out to pitch, I did not realize their swings were going to be so good,” said Kruze. “I tried throwing a lot of different pitches, and they just kept raking the ball. I look forward to a rematch.”

Chief Deputy Warden (CDW) Dan Cueva and Custody Captain John McClellan were in the stands cheering on the players. After the game, they offered the TFH team a tour of the facility.

CMF All-Star teammate, inmate Frank Smith, said, “This is the most fun I have had in 40 years down. Times have changed for us. You have more understanding now and there is more rehabilitation to help get us back to society. It’s a beautiful thing and I hope it can continue.”

According to CMF organizers, they hope to make this a regular event with members from the community.

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