Dapo Clean Up Team Event

Delivering food are, from left, David Davila, Parole Agent II Supervisor; Starla Richmond and Enedina Ortega, parolee volunteers; Sarany Ou, Parole Agent; Fernando Ruiz, parolee volunteer; Karen Reed, Parole Agent; Diana Ronquillo, Parole Administrator; and Deloris Lett, Parole Agent.

By DAPO staff

The Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO)’s Southern Region, Parole Community Clean Team (PCCT) recently went the extra mile to help the community through a canned-food drive for the AIDS Store in Long Beach.

The PCCT was developed in 2016. The program originated over 20 years ago in the San Francisco Parole District and it continues to be a successful program today.

The team of parole agents and parolees participate in community clean-up events to help parolees with reintegration via improved social skills, city-sponsored job leads and giving back to the community.

Last month, PCCT in partnership with Parole Administrator Diana Ronquillo of Harbor District further raised their efforts by making a bigger social.

PCCT received additional support from parole administrators, John Bent of Irvine District and Cecilia Jamison of Southern Region Headquarters, who also participated in the canned food drive.

DAPO collected more than eight large boxes of canned goods for the AIDS Food Store. Parole agents, supervisors and parolees showed up with large boxes of food in hand and were greeted with hugs and smiles.

Diana Ronquillo, a key supporter of the clean team and a regular at PCCT community functions said: “I enjoyed this event immensely. This is a great opportunity for the department to engage in positive dialogue with members of our community and for the parolees to give back and realize that they also belong to a positive social network.”

The AIDS Food Store in Long Beach started in 1985 with a commitment that no one in the Long Beach area living with HIV/AIDS disabilities would ever be without food, love and support, according to the store’s web site.