Ccwf Beyond Violence Graduation Group 2018

CCWF’s first Beyond Violence graduation saw 98 participants move through the program.

By Lt. Michael Dunn, AA/PIO
Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF)

The first Beyond Violence graduation at CCWF saw 98 participants make their way through the rehabilitative program.

The participants faced a variety of challenges. As part of their success they were required to attend groups, participate and complete homework assignments. Some women juggled multiple job assignments such as joint venture, PIA, food services, yard crews, education, library and other assignments.

However, the women were determined and dedicated to start a transformation within themselves to effect the change in their own community as well as prepare them for society.

Their perseverance overcoming obstacles for the greater journey to freedom required sacrifice. The sacrifice of their own personal freedom within their community. Due to their dedication they have been able to transform into women making a difference in the lives of others.

CCWF leadership has made it possible to build bridges, facilitating cooperation and support from its staff for such programs. CCWF is a supportive administration who acknowledge and attend graduations to congratulate the women for their achievement in personal growth and development, according to organizers.