Dapo Homeless Meal 01

Pastor Roy Postell, along with parole agents and parolees, lent a helping hand to the homeless last month in Yolo County.

By DAPO staff

Parole Agents Ron Dunne from the Adult Program Unit (APU) along with Unit Supervisor Fernando Mata and Agent Clinton Lugar from the Woodland Parole Unit worked side by side with former life-term inmates from Yolo County to feed the homeless this winter.

Dunne met with Pastor Roy Postell of Homeward Bound Outreach Ministries, who heads the effort in helping and feeding those less fortunate in Yolo County, back in November. Dunne asked Postell if he and other agents along with former “lifers” could assist in feeding the homeless.

Postell said he was astonished that parole agents wanted to work side by side with parolees/lifers. An ex-convict himself, he said, “That would be awesome – when I was on parole all my parole officer wanted to do was put me in jail. I would love to have you guys help out.”

So in November, Mata and Dunne, along with some Yolo County lifers and parolees from Cache Creek Lodge (Residential Multi Service Center) assisted Postell in helping those less fortunate by unloading trucks and preparing food. In December, Mata, Lugar and Dunne, again with all but two Lifers from Yolo County, assisted in feeding the homeless along with some parolees from Cache Creek Lodge at Celebration Church.

“The event went well and Pastor Roy along with others were very pleased to see that parole agents were working side by side with lifers/parolees to be mentors and role models and showing them that we are human as well,” Dunne shared. “In the future months we will be working with the lifers on coming up with new ideas and future endeavors that we can work together in helping others in need.”

Dapo Homeless Meal 02

Staff from the Woodland Parole Office worked side-by-side with men released after serving long terms in prison to feed the homeless in Yolo County.