Cal Above The Call Galvan And Gonzales

Officers Juan Galvan, left, and Robert Gonzales performed CPR on an unresponsive inmate before medical staff arrived.

By Lt. Everardo Silva, AA/PIO
Calipatria State Prison

What started as a normal work day for Calipatria State Prison (CAL) Correctional Officer Juan Galvan quickly turned into a life-or-death situation.

On Friday, Feb. 2, Officer Galvan, while working as Floor Officer #1 on Facility B, Housing Unit 5, at CAL, responded to a call of “man down” in one of the cells. Officer Galvan found an inmate on the ground, unresponsive.

Officer Galvan, after calling-in the medical emergency on the radio, pulled the inmate to the Dayroom floor, where he evaluated his medical condition.

The inmate had no detectable pulse, was not breathing and his face was turning blue. Officer Galvan, having been trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), quickly used his training and initiated CPR protocols, which he continued as responding staff entered the Housing Unit.

Responding Officer Robert Gonzalez immediately assisted Officer Galvan, and took over providing chest compressions.

Officers Galvan and Gonzalez continued to provide CPR as the inmate began to breathe again and regained consciousness. The officers stopped CPR and began talking to the inmate to keep him conscious and calm.

Medical staff arrived and the inmate was swiftly transported to the Outpatient Housing Unit. The inmate was stabilized by on-duty medical staff at CAL and then received more definitive treatment at an outside hospital.

Juan Flores, Health Supervising Registered Nurse II said, “The medical aid provided by Officers Galvan and Gonzalez before medical staff arrived, had without a doubt saved the inmate’s life as he was without oxygen for over seven minutes. Officers Galvan and Gonzalez were an integral part of the emergency medical response. Their actions were no less than life saving.”