Pups Grad At Ccwf

CCWF graduated recently its first PUPS class.

Central California Women’s Facility, CCWF recently held its first PUPS Program (Puppies Uplifting Prisoner’s Spirits) graduation.

The PUPS program at CCWF has partnered with Little Angels Service Dog Program which is a nonprofit organization of trainers and volunteers who work to provide highly trained dogs to assist disabled children and adults throughout the United States

Inmates were selected through classification and screening in order to bond, train and care for the dog for the purpose of preparing the dog for placement in the community and/or with a person with a disability.  Training is specific to developing autism assistance dogs, hearing impaired assistance dogs, mobility assistance dogs, psychiatric assistance dogs and seizure alert dogs.

Aiden, Dallas, Danny, Denny, Dexter and Dylan were among the six puppies that graduated from their first training class. Dana Froomin of Little Angels Service Dog Program coordinated the training classes with the selected Inmates.

Each puppy was assigned two I/M trainers who did an excellent job in caring for and training the puppies.  The trainers worked many hours as their work or program schedules were required to support one another for continuous care.

One inmate/trainer who participated in this program said, “This program was amazing! I was one of two trainers for Dylan, a Yellow Lab /Irish Cream Retriever.  It boosted my confidence just being able to participate in such a wonderful program.

“I never knew I was capable of doing anything like that.  I learned to exercise patience and I was left with a sense of self confidence when I witnessed the end result.  I couldn’t believe I had a hand in that!  The best part of it all is that my mother suffers from Cerebral Palsy and for me, this was one small way for me to give back for all the pain I have caused my family,” she said.