Ccwf Youth Program 2

A CCWF inmates urges female juveniles to avoid criminal behavior.

Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) recently launched a new Youth Diversion Program (YDP), designed specifically for female juveniles.

The CCWF YDP is a structured program designed to use CCWF inmates to introduce and educate youth to the realities of prison life. The youth are referred from the local community.

Ccwf Youth Program 1

Youth line up to get a taste of prison food.

The intent is to educate and offer a resource where youth participating in the program will be exposed to the real life experiences of inmates as a deterrent to criminal behavior.

The program’s seeks to develop effective methods of informing youth of the potential results of errant behavior and foster a respect for the law, themselves, and their communities.

The goal is to reduce youth involved in criminal behavior by increasing youth and community awareness and promoting positive alternatives. The inmate participants must meet specific criteria through training standards.

Warden Janel Espinoza said, “Our CCWF community is diligently working to help guide our youth to a bright and productive future. Sometimes our failures are our greatest assets to help ourselves and others. The women in the CCWF community are dedicated in helping the youth in our local communities. Nothing is impossible.”