Sbsm Mandy Packing

Mandy Johnson, left, packs items for Blue Star Moms (taken from a Channel 13 news screenshot).

By Emergency Planning and Management Unit staff
Office of Correctional Safety

Mandy Johnson diligently worked with her fellow Office of Correctional Safety, Emergency Planning and Management Unit (EPMU) coworkers, Michael Day and Courtland Ellis, to collect various items (e.g., canned goods, ramen noodle soups, wet wipes, and socks) and then donated them to the Sacramento Blue Star Moms (SBSM). The collected items were shipped in packages to deployed soldiers worldwide.

To support our deployed troops, the SBSM sends over 1,000 care packages each year full of goods from home and love. Though EPMU is fairly small, they put forth such an effort that they almost completely filled a trashcan-sized collection bin.

The Sacramento Blue Star Moms is a Veteran’s Service Organization that has been active since World War II, and was chartered by Congress in 1960. The SBSM is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and supports deployed troops and their families, assists organizations who care and rehabilitate those who have been injured in the current conflicts, and provides moral support for the families that are left behind and those families who have lost a family member while service in the military.

The EPMU is small but mighty. All three of its primary personnel have made commitments and sacrifices to the Department and their country via the armed forces. Mandy Johnson has been with the Department less than one year, is a proud mother of a newly-enlisted United States Navy Sailor, but has volunteered with SBSM for four years, well before her son enlisted to serve his country.

For over 27 years, Michael Day, has served his country both in active and reserve duty with the United States Army and National Guard. He has performed double duty by being a reservist and Sr. Emergency Manager Coordinator. Courtland Ellis has been with the Department a couple years but was also a proud member of the United States Army.

Their dedication to CDCR’s vision (With our partners, we protect the public from crime and victimization) and mission (We enhance public safety through safe and secure incarceration of offenders…) is evident by their prior military service, their current work assignments of responding to emergencies and aiding the Department at some of its most critical moments, and their loyalty to support the community, its members, and partner organizations.

Sbsm Packages Ready To Ship

Each packing party, the group ships about 400 packages.