Crc Team

The CRC men’s basketball team won the Feb. 22 first-responders tournament.

By Lt. Sarah Watson, AA/PIO
California Rehabilitation Center

The California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) earned more than bragging rights when their men’s basketball team took top honors at a Feb. 22 first-responders basketball tournament at Citizens Business Bank Arena, they also raised money for a scholarship program.

Sgt. Henry Ornelas, the Chicano Correctional Workers Association (CCWA) CRC Chapter president, partnered with the Agua Caliente Clippers, a National Basketball Association G-League team, to host a First Responders Night Basketball Tournament to support the CCWA Scholarship Program.

Departments participating in the tournament included the Ontario Police Department (PD), Los Angeles County Fire, West Covina PD, San Bernardino County Fire, and Rancho Cucamonga PD, along with CRC’s Riot.

As winners, the Riots received four full 2018-2019 Agua Caliente Clippers season tickets.  After the tournament, the Agua Caliente Clippers played the South Bay Lakers.

Ornelas said CCWA supports all events that improve, enhance, and provide proactive interaction with the local communities and businesses. They promote participation to represent CDCR in community events.

“Teaming up with the Agua Caliente Clippers First Responders Basketball Tournament provided an atmosphere that encourages networking, recruitment through athletics, as well as representing our organization in a positive professional manner within the community,” Ornelas said. ” CCWA’s motto of We are Family, or Somos Familia, signifies our commitment to serve through our membership, which is represented by all ethnic groups. CCWA encourages the celebration of its members’ rich ethnic diversity. We congratulate our basketball team in winning the championship.”

Coach/Team Captain Correctional Officer Derrick Scott thanked the Aqua Caliente Clippers and CCWA CRC Chapter President Sgt. Ornelas for giving CRC’s Riot Basketball Team an opportunity to represent CDCR, specifically CRC, in the first of its kind Aqua Caliente Clippers First Responders Law Enforcement Basketball Tournament.

“It was an amazing opportunity, which we all enjoyed and had fun competing in. I am proud of the team as a whole and of the individual efforts by each team member,” Scott said. “The opportunity … allowed CRC’s Riot Basketball Team to showcase their talents and compete with other law enforcement department agencies. It (also) allowed them to represent their profession and institution – CRC – in a positive light, promoting good public relations in the surrounding communities.”

He thanked all who came out to support them because they are also a part of the CRC Riot Basketball Team.

CRC’s Custody Capt. Travis Pennington said, “It’s a lot of fun to get out there and play in these tournaments with fellow law enforcement members and fire fighters.  Some very competitive teams showed up for this one, so for us to win the tournament, it shows we have a good group of guys on and off the court.”

CDCR’s Team Roster:

  • Officer Derrick Scott (Coach/Team Captain)
  • Officer A.J. Pressley
  • Capt. Travis Pennington
  • Sgt. Richard Chacon
  • Officer Robert Burries
  • Officer Anthony Elliott
  • Officer Blake Clements
  • Officer Aaron Crockett
  • Plant Supervisor Richard Hill
  • Officer Develle Walker (CIM)
  • Officer Shayne Clements
  • Officer Adrian Sanchez
  • Officer Derek Woods
  • Sgt. Demetrius Haugabrook