At 3:38 p.m. Saturday, April 21, about 12 inmates began punching and kicking two correctional officers in the dayroom of a dorm at KVSP’s Minimum-Support Facility. Responding staff ordered all inmates to get down, and non-involved inmates complied, while the attackers continued to strike the officers. The officers responded with physical force, but were unable to quell the attack. Responding staff used pepper spray to stop the attack and separate the inmates from the officers.

Both officers were transported to an outside hospital for medical treatment.

One officer suffered bruising and swelling to his head and face, injuries to his hands and knees, broken vertebrae in his back, a broken nose and a concussion. The second officer suffered injuries to his knees, hand and face. Both officers were released from the hospital Saturday evening. The officer who suffered broken vertebrae in his back will be unable to work for an extended period of time. The other officer should return to work in a few days.

Six inmates were treated at KVSP for bruises and small cuts. KVSP’s Investigative Services Unit is working to identity all of the assailants. Identified participants will be rehoused in KVSP’s Administrative Segregation Unit during the investigation.

Inmate movement in KVSP’s Minimum-Support Facility is limited as officials investigate the attack.