String Quartet Ata Ccc 2018

Back row from left, Chief Deputy Warden S. Cagle, Associate Warden A. Amero, Capt. K. Langslet, Capt.(A) P. Hinkson, Capt. G. Harrison, Associate Warden V. Zumpano. Front row from left, Ekaterina Belisova, Anton Andreev, Warden Suzanne Peery, Alexei Popov, Mikhail Bondarev.

By Lt. Charlene Billings, AA/PIO
California Correctional Center

Many would love to have the opportunity to experience a beautiful symphony performed by the renowned Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet of St. Petersburg, Russia. California Correctional Center (CCC) Inmates can now count themselves as some of the lucky few.

The quartet performed last month for hundreds of CCC Inmates, who sat quietly in awestruck silence appreciating the uniqueness of the experience. The quartet played famous classical ensembles from prominent Russian composers such as Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, Borodin and Stravinsky.

They were accompanied on stage by Arts in Corrections Music Instructor and local Opera Singer, Liudmila Mullin who also performed a vocal piece. As the final song was played, the inmates rose to their feet in a standing ovation for the quartet to show their appreciation for their masterful performance.

The Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet was formed in 1939 and is a monument to Russian musical history. The quartet regularly performs in the most reputable festivals in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, England, Switzerland and Finland. The quartet left Russia in February 2018 for a series of concerts in Germany, followed by a performance tour in Canada, a series of performances in Seattle, and then to Susanville where they performed at the local Methodist Church to collect donations for the restoration of the Grand Pipe Organ. The performance at CCC was funded by the William James Association as part of the Arts in Corrections (AIC) Rehabilitative Program, which aims to provide structured arts programs to inmates.

When asked what they enjoy the most about performing in the United States they said, “Americans really enjoy the music and show their appreciation by giving standing ovations, where most countries enjoy the music but very rarely give standing ovations.”

Inmates Hear Quartet At Ccc 2018

CCC inmates listen to Russian string quartet.