Satf Healthy Soles 2018 (3)

Correctional Counselor Ethan DelaCruz, Sgt. Brent Urban, CRM Jason Moore and Recreational Therapist Rene Eller.

By Lt. Kevin Huffman, AA/PIO
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison

Satf Healthy Soles 2018 (4)

SATF/SP also donated bicycles to the drive.

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison (SATF/SP) employees participated in the Kiwanis Club of Corcoran Healthy Soles shoe drive for the fourth consecutive year.

The drive collects new shoes and distributes them to boys and girls from kindergarten through sixth grade. SATF/SP placed tags, with various shoe sizes, throughout the institution. The employees picked a tag with a designated shoe size, purchased a new pair of shoes and donated the shoes to the program. In addition to the shoe donation, SATF/SP bicycle program was able to donate refurbished bicycles to the event.

The shoes were distributed April 14 at John Muir Middle School in Corcoran.

“The event was a success,” said Chief Deputy Warden Teresa Cisneros, who attend to show support. “SATF/SP staff always provides support to our community and without the hard work of our employees this could not have been accomplished.”