Across the state, CDCR, CCHCS and Prison Industry Authority (PIA) staff introduced their children to their places of work in recognition of Take Your Child to Work Day. Highlights of the events included Avenal’s Crisis Response Team taking out a costumed super-villain, CCHCS giving dental tips to a dinosaur and CIW getting intergalactic help from a galaxy far, far away. There were K-9 demonstrations, “cell” searches and target practice with fire hoses.

CCHCS brings over 100 kids to work

By CCHCS staff

The Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work event at CCHCS headquarters continues to grow in size and activities. Over 100 kids of varying ages came to work with their parents on Thursday, April 26, and participated in a career fair.

Booths set up by programs described some of the careers available at CCHCS, from dietary to telemedicine. Other activities included a visit by a K-9 team, a fire engine, a CDCR transportation bus and much more.  New this year was a scavenger hunt for the younger kids, and one-on-one sessions for older kids to ask career questions of a CCHCS professional. The day also included food trucks, a movie, free snow cones and outside games.

CHCF sees success with fourth annual kids day

By Lt. Barry C. Tisdale, AA/PIO
California Health Care Facility

This year’s California Health Care Facility kids day event added Education, Food Services, and Plant Ops booths to existing participation. Education staff came up with a passport for the kids to get stamped as they stopped at each booth. When the passport was stamped by everybody, they were able to pick a prize from a treasure chest. The chest had toys and goodies to choose from.

CCPOA volunteered their services and bought hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids.

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) performed a search warrant entry into a Tower for the kids to see. Under CRT supervision, the kids gained entry of the Tower with water guns looking for the bad guy. The kids said they loved it.

The snow cone machine was a hit due to the great weather, which was also perfect for the 25-vehicle car show.

REACH also landed their helicopter in the warehouse parking lot and the kids were able to put on gear and get inside.

CMF and CSP-Solano partner for kids’ day

By Lt. Megan Cherinka, AA/PIO
California Medical Facility

California Medical Facility (CMF) and CSP-Solano (SOL) partnered for the 25th annual National Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  The event began for CMF at our In Service Training (IST) Building where the kids were treated to a breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, yogurt, breakfast pastries and juice.  Warden Robert W. Fox and Chief Deputy Warden Dan Cueva (whose twin daughters were in attendance) answered questions from the audience. Kids wanted to know everything from how many prisoners CMF has to how much the Warden makes.

After the Q&A session, everyone reported to Keating Park in Vacaville.  There, the CMF Fire Department demonstrated the Jaws of Life and taught kids how to properly operate a fire extinguisher. The kids also used a live fire hose to shoot down targets. Kids were also allowed to see the new fire engine.

The Crisis Response Team offered kids an obstacle course as well as target practice using water balloons. The CMF-SOL Investigative Services Unit (ISU) gave a K-9 demonstration. They also used an actual cell complete with bunk, with contraband candy hidden away for the kids to discover during a mock cell search.

The CHP helicopter landed at Keating Park while CMF dieticians handed out healthy snacks and taught kids about proper nutrition.

CMF nursing staff showed the kids how to place someone on a backboard. They also learned how to properly dress a wound.

SOL plant operations set up lights and bell board for kids to explore.

Contract Beds Unit teaches kids about public service

By Lt. Tim Davies, AA/PIO
Contract Beds Unit

Partnering with the Rancho Cordova Police Department and other state institutions, the Contract Beds Unit gave kids and interesting Take Your Kids to Work Day. K-9 officers from three prisons demonstrated their four-legged companions’ contraband sniffing prowess and kids got up close to a Rancho Cordovoa PD motorcycle. CDCR’s Transportation Unit got in on the act, bringing a bus. There was also face painting and other fun activities for the children.

Kids learn about SCC

By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/PIO
Sierra Conservation Center

SCC participated in the annual Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 26. There were 75 children and 40 parents who attended. The morning started with the kids receiving a t-shirt, doughnuts, chocolate milk and orange juice.

Following registration group photos were taken for each family. Then there was a presentation by Hunter Anglea, Warden (A), and Lt. Robert Vincent, the In-Service Training Manager. The presentation was a slideshow with photos of the institution and a description of what the parents may do in specific jobs. On the way to the next venue, which was a demonstration by the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), a snack bag was given to each child to carry with them through the day. MERT gave all the kids a gift bag with first aid items and a water bottle and told the group of onlookers all about their role in responding to support the staff and inmates assigned to wildland fires or other emergency situations.

This was followed by a presentation from the SCC K-9 team demonstrating the dogs’ ability to find various types of drugs and cellphones. Not to be outdone, the Crisis Response Team showed off their training in hostage rescue, repelling and negotiations. Next was a demonstration of a tool-out by CalFire trainees and hands-on demonstrations from the SCC Firehouse with the Jaws of Life, and the kids were allowed to spray the fire hose on engine 99.

Enterprise Information Services gets into superhero spirit

By Amanda Prentice, AGPA
Enterprise Information Services

EIS started off the day with registering the children while they enjoyed breakfast, which was donated by Chick-Fil-A and The Donut Stop in Folsom. In the morning, there were various booths for the children to learn about our everyday heroes. EIS ran with a superhero theme this year and featured the Rancho Cordova PD, CDCR Video Surveillance Team,  EIS Drone Team, Emergency Operations Unit (EOU), Pawsitive Impact, GPS Tracking Demo, VIMO Demo, Sacramento Metro Fire, CDCR Transportation Team and a CDCR K9 demo.

There were superhero masks to color, target practice with Nerf guns, coloring pages from PIA, an obstacle course with prizes to win, an origami station and superhero themed goody bags for every kid that contained bubbles, a pencil, eraser, lollipop and popping candy.  After a long morning of learning and having fun, lunch was served for the kids, volunteers and all EIS staff on grounds. Lunch was also donated by Papa Johns, Dominos, Round Table and Noodles and Company (Folsom location). Jamba Juice also provided a drink for all of the kids as well. During lunch there was a super hero costume contest and the winner got to choose a prize. The remaining prizes were given to each kid based off a drawing. The prizes ranged from four-pack of tickets to the Zoo, four-pack of tickets to the movies, four-pack of tickets to Fairy Tale Town, Sourdough and Company gift cards, Dutch Brother’s gift cards, Skipolini’s gift cards and Island Burger gift cards.

Avenal State Prison busts a super-villain for kids day

By Lt. Mike Tuntakit, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

Every year ASP’s turnouts grow larger, with over 150 kids signed up, we had to come up with some amazing events. Warden Rosemary Ndoh refused to put a limit on how many kids attended as she wanted all employees to have an opportunity to bring their kids to work.

A committee was put together, reaching out to local agencies including Avenal Police Department, Wonderful Company, California Highway Patrol, as well as our Employee Action Committee (EAC), CCPOA, PIA, Subway,, PVSP, McDonalds, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles (Coalinga) who all donated gifts, prizes, and refreshments for all the attendees.

This year ASP offered several different areas of interest to include a petting zoo with miniature horses, goats, and snakes. We showed the older kids the Multi Interactive Learning Objective (MILO) to see how we train and communicate in crisis situations. They had a C/O for a day race where the children were challenged to put on a jumpsuit and boots and race their opponent. There was a Corn Hole Toss and Water Balloon Toss to keep them entertained. ASP’s Mental Health and Medical Department put on an amazing CPR and First Aid presentation for the Kids showing proper chest compressions and Heimlich techniques which the kids really loved. The CHP brought out their helicopter and landed for the kids to look inside and take photos with the pilots.

Avenal Police brought their mobile command post and took thumb prints for ID cards and gave them to the kids. ASP/PVSP Crisis Response Team (CRT) along with the Avenal Police Department conducted a Surround and Call Out scenario using lights and sirens, entering one of our IST classrooms was the CRT SWAT team who captured the Joker and who later did face paintings for the kids.

The ASP Fire Crew brought out their new Engine and kids lined up to use the water hose to spray over cones. Local companies such as the Wonderful Company Elementary School came out and talked to the kids about how to express emotions to their parents using emotion cards. We also had PIA, Warehouse, Records, Medical, and other area booths set up so kids can see the many different things we do inside the prison. Thanks to all the sponsors, kids received bikes, gift cards from Subway, McDonalds, and Starbucks along with PIA gift bags full of goodies.

Staff was very appreciative and said this is what they love best about where they work, they can bring their kids and feel proud about what they do.

Tarantulas and training drills awaited kids at Centinela

Story By Ken Phillips, CRM
Photos by Gabriela Hernandez, Office Technician
Centinela State Prison

On April 26, children and family members of Centinela staff participated in the annual Take Your Child to Work Day. This event has long been one of the highlights of the year for Centinela staff.  This year’s celebration was attended by 68 children and family members. In addition to the fun of accompanying their parents to their worksites, children participated in tours and demonstrations at the Warehouse and Firehouse.  Firehouse personnel demonstrated firefighting tactics and equipment, and children competed in an obstacle course. Additionally, children and family members utilized the Multi Interactive Learning Objective (MILO) simulator to engage in a fun interactive experience.

CIW gets intergalactic help for kids day

By Lt. Rosie Thomas, AA/PIO
California Institution for Women

The California Institution for Women participated in the Take Your Kids to work Day with over 100 children attending. The children were given a t-shirt, a bag, badge identification card and a chit with their name on it. The children had fun as they watched presentations given by:

• In-Service Training – Kids were able to shoot water at a target utilizing the MK-9
• Fire Department – Learned about how they work with CDCR within the institution
• CAL-Fire – Learned how CIW trains female firefighters
• State Transportation – Toured the bus
• ISU – Conducted a cell search and learned how to gather evidence
• Control – Watched how Control staff work
• Candy Bar – Refueled with sugar
• Lunch time was hamburgers with all the fixings, chips, drink and shaved ice for a cool treat.

We also had Star Wars visitors who wanted in on the fun. The visitor walked and talked to the children and even had time before heading back to that far out galaxy to pose for a few photos.

SVSP, CTF celebrate kids

By Lt. Eduardo Mazariegos, AA/PIO
Salinas Valley State Prison
and Lt. Roland Ramon, AA/PIO
Correctional Training Facility

Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) and the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) went all out this year for the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 27.

The event was attended by almost 200 children and their families. This year’s theme was Agents of Positive Change. The day started with employees showing their children their work areas and progressed to activities set-up at the SVSP/CTF range. Activities included CRT demonstration, rappelling, CALFIRE demonstrations with an air ambulance helicopter and range events. The event was sponsored and represented by all the employees.

CIM sees 200 kids visit institution

By Lt. Tom Lopez, AA/PIO
California Institution for Men

On April 27, the California Institution for Men (CIM) hosted the largest child-centric event in the history of CIM, with approximately 200 kids attending. This year’s theme was “Service Force, Agent of Positive Change.”

After registration, the kids and their parents visited Facility B, where children walked the historic hallways of the Reception Center Central and ended up on the Main yard to watch an alarm response demonstration put on by the In-Service Training Department.

As they waited for the alarm response, chaperone Lt. T. Thomas gave all in attendance an overview of the yard program.

“The job your mom and dad do is a tough job and by the end of the day, I hope you have a better understanding of the stress involved in your parents’ job. I want each and every one of you to hug your parents when you get home tonight” said Lt. Thomas.

After the alarm response, the groups were escorted to the visiting area where they played games such as hula hoop and water balloon activities. Capt. A. Banuelos allowed kids to strike him with training batons as he wore a Red Man suit. The kids then broke for lunch which was prepared by the CIM management team. Later there were demonstrations by the CIM Fire Department, K-9, the Investigative Services Unit and the Crisis Response Team.

Kids see CSP-Corcoran’s Honor Guard in action

By Lt. Edward Sanchez, AA/PIO
California State Prison-Corcoran

On April 20 at 5:30 a.m., CSP-Corcoran began its Bring Your Child to Work Day with children being dropped off by their parents. As staff volunteers were checking the kids in, other volunteers were issuing t-shirts, wrist bands and serving breakfast. The kids came in throughout the morning. They were busy coloring, reading and watching what was going on around them.  The Investigative Services Unit and other speakers entertained the kids leading up to the Honor Guard presentation of colors.

At 8:30 a.m., the kids were escorted in groups to the CSP-Corcoran Memorial Park as they prepared for the presentation of colors and the pledge of allegiance led by the CSP-Corcoran Honor Guard.  As the kids were released to the park area, there were numerous displays and booths set up for the kids. The PIA Dairy provided milk bottles for the kids to feed the calves. The  Fire Department set controlled fires and had each child don fire protective gear and use a fire extinguisher.

The Crisis Response Team set up repelling and a vehicle extraction drill for the kids. The team used flash bang grenades and rescue techniques. Education provided books and ISU displayed inmate contraband items. Central HUB provided bus rides around the institution, K9 demonstrations by Corcoran Police Department and Health Care Services provided first aid for fun.  After the bounce houses, lunch, popcorn, cotton candy and drinks, the kids were exhausted and wrapped up the day with door prizes.

Headquarters staff take kids to work

By OPEC staff
Photos by Ike Dodson, CDCR PIO

On April 26, the CDCR headquarters celebrated the 25th anniversary of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

The activities encourage girls and boys to think imaginatively about their family and their future and get to know the environments their parents work in. At CDCR headquarters in Sacramento, children met with CDCR Undersecretary Ralph Diaz, who challenged them to learn what their mothers and fathers do at work. The kids reported back to Diaz on their findings after lunch, and he told them, “I think you are all going to be leaders one day.”

The children also toured one of CDCR’s transportation vehicles and learned about the partnership between CDCR and the Sacramento Police Department and Cal Fire. Daughters and sons also learned about the California Prison Industry Authority, CDCR’S Office of Correctional Safety, the Statewide K-9 Program, and even practiced broadcasting from a TV Studio with CDCR’s Office of Public and Employee Communications. The activities wrapped up with a raffle, snacks and lots of fun.

RJ Donovan has 94 kids learn about institution

By Lt. Jennifer Davies, AA/PIO
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Richard J. Donovan’s Take your Sons and Daughters to Work Day was, once again, a successful event, with a total of 94 kids participating this year. The day started off with the children accompanying their parents to their work sites and then heading out to the Minimum Visiting Unit for a special welcome from the Warden. A special award was given to the child that was able to guess the number of inmates housed at RJDCF.

After the Warden’s greeting, the children, along with their parents, walked to the area next to the firehouse for a special presentation by the POOCH handlers followed by a presentation by the K-9 dogs. CRT team members followed up by demonstrating the proper way to execute an arrest circle accompanied by colorful inert bombs to add to the excitement.

After the presentations, the kids were able to walk freely among several stations that had been set up inside and outside the firehouse and were able to get a hands-on experience on some tactics utilized in the institution. The stations included: CPR demonstration/fundamentals, ISU display with fingerprint cards, thermal tunnel, a fire truck, an ambulance, CRT weaponry and tactical station, sniper equipment overview, just to name a few. Outside agencies joining RJD included San Miguel Fire, who brought out their Safety House; Mercy with an ambulance and helicopter; CHP with their vehicles and special DUI goggles, giving a sober person the visual sense of intoxication.

After the festivities, RJD provided hot dogs and hamburgers for the children and their parents. Following lunch, the children were able to accompany their parents to their work sites.

CSP-Sacramento hosts 27 kids

By Lt. Tony Quinn, AA/PIO
California State Prison, Sacramento

Twenty-seven boys and girls accompanied by their parent/guardian attended the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day event on April 26 hosted by Warden David Baughman and the staff at California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC). The day started with each junior employee being greeted by Warden Baughman’s Executive Assistant Cheryl Rojas O’Shea and staff who issued each junior employee their very own SAC identification card.

Warden Baughman and Community Resource Manager Therese Giannelli opened the show by welcoming all of the junior employees to SAC. Warden Baughman braved some pretty tough questions from the group such as, “Who is your favorite and least favorite person at work,” before taking a moment to pose for his annual group photo with the kids, which he proudly displays in his office.

The kids enjoyed a continental breakfast, learned potentially life-saving CPR techniques from Registered Nurse R. Pilgrim, and climbed aboard the Folsom State Prison (FOL) Fire Engine provided by Correctional Fire Chief S. Mackey. CSP-SAC ISU officers put a lot of thought, effort and creativity into their presentation by recruiting the pint-size investigators to assist them in decoding encrypted messages to help locate “contraband” (cookies and candy) hidden around the room. The decoded messages informed the kids of the location of the contraband which was hidden under tables, chairs and in cabinets by ISU staff. Once the contraband was located, a “kite” taped to the package identified the suspect(s) responsible for the introduction of the contraband. The suspects turned out to be none other than the kids parent/guardian. Assisted by ISU Officers S. Ramirez, K. Lee, A. Padilla, J. Grove and Sgt. T.J. Klein, the junior investigators placed their parents under arrest and thoroughly enjoyed escorting them around the room in handcuffs.

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) lead by CRT Commander Sgt. V. Vitale executed a demonstration that wowed the kids and parents/guardians alike. The kids were all smiles as they had their photos taken with the team members, while donning the CRT gear. The four-hour event concluded with a shuttle bus tour around the outer perimeter of SAC and FOL, with CCIII J. Reed acting as docent. Each child was presented with a gift bag and certificate of participation before heading off to lunch and eventually getting to work.

Correctional Case Records Analyst Leonore Munoz summed up the day’s success when she sent the following email thanking all of the participants of this year’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

“I just wanted everyone that helped out with the Take Your Kids to Work Day Event to know we as employees from FOL and SAC appreciate you all.  This was my boys’ first time participating in this event and they had so much fun that on our way home one of my boys said to me, “Mom your job is so cool and fun and I can’t believe they pay you to have fun.”  All I could do is smile back. It was nice to see our staff here so involved with our kids and the patience they all showed was amazing. We are so thankful to Warden Baughman, Lt. Quinn, AW Jones, Therese, Cheryl, ISU Staff, Medical Staff and everyone else that participated in making this event worth coming back to again next year. Thank you again for investing your time in our kids,” she wrote.

CCC, HDSP show kids how it’s done

By Lt. Charlene Billings, AA/PIO
California Correctional Center

On April 26, the California Correctional Center (CCC) and High Desert State Prison (HDSP) joined together in hosting the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day. This year, approximately 79 children joined their parents in this event, making it a great success. The day began with the children meeting CCC Warden Suzanne Peery and HDSP Warden M. Spearman. At CCC, the children started the day with milk and cookies. They then impersonated the Warden as they had their photograph taken while sitting at Warden Peery’s desk. The children were transported to HDSP on a camp bus to run an obstacle course, ride on zip lines set up by the Crisis Response Team (CRT), and visit with the HDSP Investigative Services Unit K-9s and their partners.

CCC Fire Department concluded the day with a three-part live action demonstration of their Rescue and First Responder skills. The first scenario, an automobile accident with victim entrapment, showcased the fire fighter’s vehicle extrication skills and their newly acquired tools. The firefighters extricated the patient from the vehicle utilizing the Jaws of Life and then provided first aid to the victim. The second scenario was a technical rope rescue of an unconscious victim trapped on the second story of a three story structure. The fire fighters gained access to the victim, set up a rope rescue system, and lowered the victim to the ground safely in a Stokes Litter, before loading the patient into the ambulance for transport. Finally, the Fire Department responded to an unknown substance leaking from an overturned barrel. The fire fighters arrived on scene in hazmat (hazardous materials) suits and isolated and contained the leak in an over-pack drum, prior to removing the hazardous substance safely, and clearing the incident.

The day concluded with a lunch made at Antelope Conservation Camp (CC#25), a certificate of participation, and a tomato plant for each of the children to take home.

Children descend on California City Correctional Facility

By Lt. Robert Barrett, AA/PIO
California City Correctional Facility

Over 50 children accompanied their parents to work at California City Correctional Facility for the Bring your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Some children have attended this in the past, but this year, CAC had many first-timers.

The day was packed with fun-filled activities for the children. They got an inside peek of some of the annual training their parents receive. The children received a lesson in how to provide CPR and first aid, they participated in a mild MILO training session, they were finger printed by ISU Staff and presented special identification cards, badges and a chit. The children had fun with a little one-on-one time with the “Red Man” and got to meet the California Highway Patrol and the California City Police K-9 team. The Children also received a tour of the Administration building.

The first-timer children were in awe of being able to see where their parents work. Although no children were allowed inside the secure perimeter of the Institution, through the Milestone Video System, the children were able to get a bird’s eye view of the daily life of the inmates housed here. Some children were given the chance to try a state lunch which they declined and opted instead to enjoy the pizza which was provided to them.

DVI hosts Junior Academy for kids

By Lt. Christene Zoucha, AA/PIO
Deuel Vocational Institution

More than 57 children between 8 and 17 years old participated in a Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) Junior Academy to focus, learn and understand the importance and difference their parents and guardians make in others’ lives.

Various departments throughout the institution provided interactive learning stations highlighting the work carried out in each area such as X-Ray, Dental, ADA, Culinary, Plant Operations, Laboratory, Education, Pharmacy and Health Care Nursing. The nursing staff also educated children on CPR and the use of an AED Machine.

The Interactive Learning stations/activities provided the children with the opportunity to make ice cream, conduct CPR on the training dummies, understand and observe lab procedures, brush and floss teeth, learn simple signs in sign language, handle the firefighter equipment, tour the Northern Transportation Unit Bus, run the obstacle course, participate in alarm response, watch the K-9 and ISU staff demonstrations, and have a question-and-answer session with ISU and Crisis Response Team members. The children also built wood projects with Plant Operations staff.

During the alarm response, children were the alarm response team and learned how to column up, form a rescue circle and became familiar with other procedures.

In the CRT obstacle course, the kids ran, hurdled the wall and climbed the chain link fence. The children learned and participated in the actual course that CDCR CRT team members practice and qualify on.

The Prison Industry Authority (PIA) Dairy offered a tour. The junior cadets watched cattle being milked and learned about the farm equipment. They also watched and pet the calves and cows at the dairy. The children enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies produced by PIA.

During the demonstration, cones were set up where the children located and aimed the fire house in a mock demonstration on how to extinguish fires. They were able to climb up on the firetruck and learn the gauges and what the truck is used for. They also tried on fire gear.

Thanks to the generous donations of SEIU, CCPOA DVI Chapter, PIA, Kaiser Permanente and DVI employees, every child was provided with a goody bag containing snacks, informational pieces, and other giveaways. Sandwiches, chips and other light refreshments were provided to all attendees and volunteers.

North Kern State Prison hosts 43 children

By Lt. Jose Martinez, AA/PIO
North Kern State Prison

A bright and sunny day brought fun and excitement for the daughters and sons of NKSP staff. In all, 43 children were treated to various activities such a crafts, a tour around the institution by the Central Transportation Hub and demonstrations by the Crisis Response Team and Alarm Response. They also got the opportunity to see how NKSP’s K-9 unit sniffs out drugs. Medical, Mental Health and Plant Operations as well assisted with the festivities with presentations and hands-on teaching with tools of their trade. The children had a scavenger hunt looking for a wooden replica of the ISU Insignia. The winner had lunch with the Warden and was dubbed Warden of the Day.

CCWF teaches over 60 kids about working for corrections

By Lt. Michael Dunn, AA/PIO
Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF)

On April 26, CCWF held its annual bring your kid to work day.  Over 60 children arrived at the institution for a 7:30 a.m. check-in. The children and parents enjoyed a pastry and doughnut breakfast followed by booths set up by various departments. Some of the departments represented were Education, CCWF Fire Dept., CCWF ISU, CCWF/VSP CRT, Plant Operations and PIA. The children toured the parents’ work sites and had a barbecue lunch.