Mule Creek Red Drive

Participating in the Remember Everyone Deployed were, from left, Correctional Counselor 1 R. Steele, AA/PIO LT. Angelo Gonzalez, Correctional Records Technician B. Crawford, Correctional Records Technician Sandra Deboe and Community Resources Manager E. Escobar.

The staff at Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) recently raised $3,535 for aid to U.S. troops.

The Remember Everyone Deployed or RED drive is to show solidarity and support for the troops. The money goes to provide grants to local and nonprofits organizations that aid those deployed and their families.

Participants are urged to wear distinctive RED shirts on Fridays until all the troops return.

This was Mule Creek’s second year participating in the RED. The main boosters of the effort were Lt. Angelo Gonzalez and Correctional Records Technician Sandra Deboe.

“I actually found MCSP staff more enthusiastic the second time around.” said Deboe.

“Overall, we received good support from the employees in several different ways, purchasing shirts and volunteering their time and efforts to make it happen,” she said. “There was a great committee that worked well together in making things successful. Knowing that the funds are going towards care packages was the motivation in the MCSP RED drive success”