By Lt. Mike Tuntakit, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

Above The Call Moses Chasimba Lvn

LVN Moses Chasimba

While waiting for his meal in a fast-food restaurant drive-through, Licensed Vocational Nurse Moses Chasimba spotted something amiss and ended up helping save an off-duty police officer.

While on his way to Morrow Bay, the Avenal State Prison employee stopped in Kettleman City to grab a bite to eat, which proved to be a lifesaving moment.

While waiting for his food, he witnessed a man get out of his car, frantically run to the passenger’s side and pull out someone. He immediately recognized there was something was very wrong.

The driver was in a panic, trying to flag down help. Acting quickly, LVN Chasimba put his car into park and ran toward the scene. He identified himself and proceeded to assess the injury and talk to the victim. The injured man identified himself as an off-duty police officer and said he had inadvertently shot himself in the right leg.

The officer’s leg was bleeding profusely so Chasimba gathered some towels from his vehicle, applied pressure to the wound and slightly elevated the leg.

He did not have much to work with but utilized his training and attempted to stop the bleeding. He told the officer to take slow deep breaths, and reassured him everything was going to fine. LVN Chasimba checked his vitals constantly and stayed with him until emergency services arrived.

When questioned how he felt the incident, Chasimba said, ‚ÄúCome to think off it he owes me a couple towels. I did what anybody else would have done.”

CDCR has thousands of employees who are well trained in first aid and have the presence of mind and courage to save lives whether they are on or off duty.