Bus Crew Stu Nth 2018

From left, Sgt. Arthur, Officer Moore and Officer Perez helped rescue a motorist pinned in a vehicle.

By Statewide Transportation Unit staff

While transporting inmates, a bus crew were the first to arrive at the scene of a single-vehicle accident. The victim, pinned inside the vehicle, was saved thanks to the quick actions of the CDCR staff.

On April 26, 2018, while transporting 13 inmates on Highway 26, the Statewide Transportation Unit (STU) Northern Transportation Hub bus crew – Sgt. John Arthur and Officers Ronald Moore and Mario Perez – came upon a serious vehicle accident that had just occurred.  Emergency services had yet to arrive so Officer Perez stopped the bus in a safe location.

A white dodge pickup truck was upside down.  Sgt. Arthur and Officer Moore exited the bus to assist the victim in the upside down vehicle, while Officer Perez maintained security of the bus and inmates.

As they approached the vehicle they could see the victim’s head was wedged in between the door and the seat. The victim appeared to be seriously injured, unconscious and struggling to breathe.. Sgt. Arthur began to pull on the door to attempt to free the victim. The door was smashed and wedged shut.

Sgt. Arthur quickly retrieved a metal crowbar and with all his strength, was able to pry the door open.

After the door was opened, an off-duty EMT responded to the scene and assisted Sgt.t Arthur and Officer Moore in moving the victim safely out of the vehicle. Emergency services arrived and the victim was then transported to a local hospital.

Lt. Christina Shephard wrote, “Sgt. Arthur, Officer Moore and Officer Perez conducted themselves in the highest level of professionalism during this incident and demonstrated their superior community service and concern for public safety. Their ability to remain calm, assess the situation and render assistance is a credit to their profession, their department and to themselves.  We are proud to have (them) as a valuable part of the STU-Northern Transportation Hub.”