Crt Compliance Sweep Fresno 2018 (2)

Central region CRT members assisted other agencies in a massive compliance sweep.

By Lt. Kevin Huffman, AA/PIO
California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and CSP-Corcoran Crisis Response Team (CRT), along with other regional CRTs, conducted a joint operation with the Adult Compliance Team (ACT) in Fresno. The ACT team comprises officers from the Fresno County Probation Department, the Fresno Police Department, the Clovis Police Department and the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office led by a Fresno County Deputy Sheriff’s Sergeant. CDCR’s Transportation Unit provided a bus for the effort.

The ACT team was implemented with the belief that intensive supervision based on offender assessment enjoined with evidence-based practices would form the cornerstone of the Fresno County AB 109 supervision model. The mission of ACT is to provide an additional layer of offender supervision to ensure offender accountability, surveillance, and supervision through mobile, intensive and evidence-based practices leading to enhanced public safety and offender compliance.

The multi-agency joint operation yielded 69 probation/parolee arrests and over 190 contacts with probation/parolees. The operation also seized drugs and weapons.

The CRT team was well received and appreciated by ACT for their contribution to enhance the overall safety of the city of Fresno.

By the numbers
195 probation/parole searches
69 arrests
50 traffic stops
58 pedestrian contacts
6 firearms recovered
Approximately 25 pounds of marijuana recovered

Crt Compliance Sweep Fresno 2018 (5)