Rdjcf Urban Corp Donation

RJDCF Community Resources Manager Lance Eshelman, center, presented a donation to the Urban Corp Coordinator, second from right.

By Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility staff

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) has donated over $20,000 for charities around San Diego County. The main focus of RJDCF’s charitable work has been combatting the growing problem of homelessness in San Diego. In January alone, RJDCF donated nearly $15,000 to charities involved in this cause.

One such charity is Father Joe’s Village, an organization that works on behalf of the homeless and poor, providing a wide variety of assistance to those in need such as food and shelter.

Another non-profit that RJDCF has had the pleasure of assisting is The Monarch School of San Diego. This local school is designed to provide education to homeless youth, which surpassed 20,000 in San Diego alone. The Monarch School proves how a community can educate the homeless into becoming productive members of society — a goal that RJDCF is happy to support.

Another organization is Urban Corp, which provides resources and training to at-risk young adults seeking to gain valuable hands-on job skills to succeed in the future.

While RJDCF’s efforts thus far have certainly helped, the institution will continue to look for ways to contribute to organizations fighting to end homelessness in San Diego.