Dvi Psp Shade Structure 2018 1

By Deuel Vocational Institution Peer Support Program

Gusty winds can topple trees, kick up blinding dust and knock around patio furniture. At Deuel Vocational Institution, the wind has been known to destroy umbrellas meant to protect entrance gate officers from the elements. In 2017, the institution lost eight to wind damage.

To help solve the problem, DVI’s Peer Support Program donated a new canopy for the officers. Rather than regular umbrellas, they donated a heavy-duty barbecue canopy to solve the problem.

The barbecue canopy was selected to solve the issue of providing protection from the heat during the summer months as well as protection during the rainy season. DVI-PSP members donated the canopy as a expeditious way to provide the protection and support for the officers working in this location of the institution.

Dvi Psp Shade Structure 2018 2