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The presenters and recipients of the awards are, from left, CRM Carey Ochs, CDW Richard Smith, Drew Cude, Payton Cox, Lance Hull, Runzi Chen, Ashlee Patacsil-Hardin, Devesh Singh, Devin Browning, Lexi Scott, Fritzi Ledesma, and Don Pelicano.

By Lt. Kelli Madsen, AA/PIO
Ironwood State Prison

Ironwood State Prison’s (ISP) Warden Neil McDowell, Chief Deputy Warden Richard Smith, Community Resources Manager Carey Ochs, and Julien Guillen, President of ISP’s Employee Association (EA), presented Palo Verde High School and Twin Palms High School seniors with $6,500 in scholarship awards for 2018.

The scholarships at Palo Verde High School were presented to 10 seniors that were found to be very deserving of the awards. Nearly 20 students were interviewed by ISP staff and the top 10 students were selected. Drew Cude received a $1,000 scholarship and 9 others each received a $500 scholarship.

The scholarships at Twin Palms High School were presented to Valedictorian Yolanda Yanez and Salutatorian Cody Koerner. These two students had the top two academic grade point averages for their time at Twin Palms High School, each earning themselves a $500 scholarship.

Former ISP Warden Dave Long pioneered the ISP scholarship program several years ago and Warden McDowell and the EA have vowed to continue the tradition.

Isp Scholarships 2 Winners

CRM Carey Ochs and recipients Yolanda Yanez and Cody Koerner.